Bullying in Marriage: Don’t Put Up with It

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Spousal BullyingBullying does not just exist in school, workplaces, and cyberspace. It can also happen between married couples, with one party intimidating and coercing the other as a form of punishment. Spousal bullying, for the most part, happens when one spouse feels superior over the other, threatening a partner who is not behaving according to what they think is right.

When one spouse is a bully, it is harder for the marriage to be happy, or worse, survive for the long-term. This is because bad behavior can be dangerous for the victim, especially if no action is taken.

Divorce lawyers in Denver suggest that bullied spouses need to put an end to bullying and defend themselves. As Lewis & Matthews, P.C. says, “Preplanning your divorce and undergoing coaching to help you make sound decisions while in the process of hammering out a final resolution is critical.”

The Bully Husband

Most men are considered bullies than women, especially those who are dominant and like to take control of the relationship. Bully husbands may frequently say harsh words to diminish their wives’ self-confidence and make them feel small.

Wives Can Be Bullies

Women, however, can be bullies, too. Wives who feel so sure of themselves may use tactics like humiliation and skepticism to make their husbands feel inferior. Bully wives may also put their husbands down when they share secrets publicly, usually in a negative light.

Bullying Motivation

According to experts, bullies are those who feel incomplete in life and lack self-confidence. They try to belittle their spouses to feel better, superior, and dominant. Some are being bullied in another place and bring it a home.

Abusive Relationship

While this type of bullying may start with verbal abuse, it can also get physical. Those who are in a relationship with a bully may experience many negative emotions while also feeling frightened over the course of the marriage.

Bullied spouses need to take an action to stop feeling small and inferior. While it can be scary and heartbreaking, ending a marriage may sometimes help bullied victims get the happiness and life they deserve.