Does Your Job Make You Think about Compensation claims?

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Claim formDoes your job fall under the category of one of the least safe industries in Australia? It turns out that you should be aware of how to file compensation and injury claims, according to an analysis of data from Safe Work Australia.

Those working in the agriculture, forestry and fishing industries are exposed to the largest work-related risks. Workers in the transportation, postal and warehousing sectors ranked second, while construction was the third most hazardous industry for Australians.

The analysis described these professions as being among the most dangerous in Australia due to the number of deaths and injuries in 2015.

Lawful Claims

Jobs in the financial sector emerged as the safest with only slightly more than 660 compensation claims and zero recorded incidents in 2015. By region, the Australian Capital Territory recorded the lowest fatality rate in the workplace. However, a separate report in early 2017 showed an increased incident rate for long-term injury claims in the region, as opposed to a falling average rate elsewhere in Australia.

The healthcare and social assistance industry recorded the smallest number of recorded fatalities, among the top 10 most dangerous sectors. 

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$2M Lawsuit

A group of mining companies in Queensland faces a $2 million lawsuit from a former coal miner who contracted Black Lung Disease. The lawsuit seeks damages for lost income, earning potential and psychological trauma due to the disease, following a 13-year career. The complaint involves 16 groups that own or operate coal mines in the state.

If you are unsure about filing claims, you can turn to legal advisers to help you understand the law regarding accident compensation claims in Townsville, Queensland, or in Sydney and Melbourne depending on your place of residence.

All jobs have a certain amount of risk attached to them. You can protect yourself, however, by understanding the process of filing compensation and injury claims in the event of workplace accidents.