How to Apply for a US Green Card

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US Green Card and Social Security cards over US flag The process of filing for permanent residence or Green Card is a long and detailed one. For anyone who is interested in coming to the US and living here permanently, it is necessary to have one of these cards.  This gives them the privilege of working and living in the US on a permanent basis.

There are many approaches to securing a Green Card, but you should make sure that you are eligible for it much before you start the process. It is best to consult an immigration lawyer, who can help you get a family green card here in Utah or elsewhere.

If you do not follow all the instructions carefully, they might reject your application, which means you should start the application procedure all over again. Here are some instructions that you must follow to make a successful attempt at filing for the Green Card.

Filing the petition

Your employer, your spouse or other immediate family member can file for a Green Card on your behalf. If you are a wealthy entrepreneur ready to invest in the US and provide employment to a specific number of locals, then you can file for the Green Card on your own.

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There are categories of people who can apply; it is best to check the government website on immigration to ensure that you are eligible for specific categories. Get all the documents together and then fill out the application form. Answer all the questions correctly and precisely.

Any mistakes might lead to unnecessary wastage of time.

Acceptance and review

Although you can check the status of your Green Card application during the various stages, it is good to make sure that you get a receipt that your application is in order and it is in the system. The next step is when your application is reviewed and various background checks are carried out on you.

The authorities would like to check if you are not a threat to the national security. They might ask you for further documentation, fingerprinting, photographs etc. The next step is the waiting process.

No one really knows how long the waiting process will last, although many believe there are built-in preferences on how the applications undergo review.