Join a Crime Fighting-Unit as a Legal Nursing Consultant

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legal nurse consultant answering the phoneIf you’re looking for an exciting career that is both challenging and fulfilling, consider becoming a legal nurse consultant. As the name suggests, you become something of a rarity professional as this job combines to seemingly unrelated fields — law and nursing.

But these two fields are indeed related just not in the most obvious way. See, there are lots of medical cases pending in the legal system, and for the courts to serve out justice, they need assistance from a skilled individual.

As a nursing consultant, it would be your job to bridge the gap between legal and medical realms during the court proceedings.

Help medical malpractice cases

People coming to a hospital often have a single expectation, and that is to get relief from their pains and ailments. Most of the time, that is exactly what they get – proper medical care. In some rare instances that is usually not the case.

Somewhere down the line, someone messes up, and the patient ends up with a bigger problem. Cases of wrong diagnosis, improper care, neglect, and prescribing the wrong medication are common.

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And they all put the life of a patient at risk. Should such a patient institute a malpractice charge against a hospital, you would need to clarify how the problem occurred and justify compensation.

Help fight fraud

Lots of people are out to exploit the loopholes in the medical system. In fact, medical fraud runs into tens of billions of dollars annually. When this happens, it is the people in genuine need of medical care that suffers. As consulting legal nurse, part of your job would be to help put a stop to this menace.

When culprits who perpetrate these scams are arrested, it helps to have an expert testify as to the nature of the crime. You can testify and explain to the court how the crime was committed and why it amounts to a fraud.

With the proper training and commitment, you can supercharge your nursing career and take it to the next level. You can become part of an elite group of nurses who help to enforce the law.