Motorcycle Accidents: Strategies to Help You Get Compensation

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A man laying-down from a motorcycle accidentIn accidents and collisions, while car drivers might get off with a few scratches and dents, motorcyclists in most instances are gravely injured. The bad news is that motorcyclists rarely get compensated since most judges assume they were the ones in the wrong place.

One of the frequent errors which are blamed on motorcycles is lane splitting. This is a situation where the motorcycle driver rides his/her bike between lanes or between slowly moving or stationary cars in a traffic jam. Lane splitting is illegal in Oklahoma, so if this is something you did and an accident occurred, proving you’re not at fault will be an uphill climb.

Now, if the accident you were involved in had many possible causes, don’t just sit there and allow yourself to get blamed. A motorcycle accident attorney can help you receive compensation for the injuries you sustained. Here are a few ways your lawyer can ensure compensation for you.

Prove You Were Riding Carefully

If you can show in court that you were riding carefully, then the court might rule in your favor. You should have been wearing your helmet and other protective clothing and be within the required speed limit. Riding with your headlights on and wearing reflective clothing will also significantly boost your claim.

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Prove You Are an Experienced Rider

Experience as a motorcyclist is not only pegged on the amount of time you have ridden a motorcycle but also on having completed a riding or safety course. Certification proving that you have completed a motorcycle safety or riding course will enhance your chances of compensation. In most instances, judges rule in favor of motorcyclists who have been riding for some time with no history of accidents.

Prove the Other Driver’s Actions Were More Dangerous Than Yours

If you, indeed, succumbed to lane splitting at one point, your chance of shifting the attention away from you is to highlight other actions on the road which are riskier than lane splitting. If you can prove that the other driver did something more dangerous, such as drifting or changing lanes abruptly, you can prove that your move did not directly cause the accident. Witness and police reports can help your case.

Though motorcyclists have had a bad rap in the past, there is no reason you should be judged unfairly. With the above strategies, your lawyer can help you get justice and fair compensation.