Reasons Why Insurance Claims are Refused

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Form of an insurance claimInsurance claim refusal can be devastating. If someone has been paying into a scheme that they expect to support them through hard times and they find out they are not going to get the financial compensation that they need, there are things that they can do such as contact a solicitors in Portsmouth.

The insurance provider’s decision is not always final. Involving experienced solicitors in Portsmouth, like Andrew & Andrew, can make all the difference. If they put forward a case, it is possible that the insurance company will change its decision.

It’s helpful for people to understand why their claim has been refused before they approach a solicitors in Portsmouth.

The most common reasons for insurance claim refusal are:

• Failing to disclose or misrepresenting details – for example, failing to let a company know about a health condition for life insurance. If someone can prove that they didn’t know about the health condition prior to taking out the life insurance, this is one way to make a case for disputing the non-payment;

• Breach of conditions – the type of conditions set by an insurance company might including stipulations as to the overnight location of an auto mobile for car insurance or ensuring all windows and doors are locked when a house is unoccupied for home insurance. There are numerous conditions that can be applied and it is important that someone is fully aware of them before they take out their insurance;

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• Where fraud is alleged – it’s estimated that insurance fraud cost the industry £1billion per year so most firms invest money in ensuring that they uncover fraudulent claims. They need to provide sufficient evidence if they believe a claim to be fraudulent. A solicitors in Portsmouth can review this on behalf of a client and let them know if there is room for interpretation or if there is any counter evidence that they can provide to validate their claim.

Sometimes, overturning an insurance refusal can happen fairly quickly especially if it is simply a matter of a clerical error. People need to start the process of dispute as soon as possible after refusal as there are some time limits in place that dictate how long they have to do so.