The Sad and Unfortunate Reasons People Get a Divorce

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Lawyer holding a paper saying Family LawIn the United States, there are about 2,118,000 marriages, which put the country’s marriage rate at 6.8 per 1,000 people. However, 3.6 per 1,000 of these individuals have also gone through a divorce.

There are many reasons people want a divorce. Although in some cases, married couples don’t push through with dissolution. There are certain situations wherein there’s already a strong need for dissolving a marital relationship. This is especially true when a spouse’s health, safety, and security is already threatened.

Behind closed doors

Domestic violence often takes place without the knowledge of other people. Cloaked in a blanket of silence, it ruins the lives of millions of people every year — with women usually the recipient of such acts. The damage, however, isn’t limited to the separating couple. It extends to their children, other family members, friends, and careers.

The staggering statistics

According to studies, violence — whether physical or psychological in nature — happens at least once in two-thirds of all marital relationships. About 95% of the subjects of this type of maltreatment are women. Around 40% of children who also underwent (or continues to undergo) abuse also witnessed, in person, some sort of physical violence ensuing between their parents.

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Taking the first step to preventing any more harm

Finding the courage to act is the key step to preventing any more harm in a marriage rife with abuse. Whether it’s you or your children receiving the abuse, you should not think twice about seeking the guidance of a Suffolk County divorce attorney.

Keep in mind that many abused children — or those who have witnessed maltreatment of one of their parents — also end up becoming abusive when they become adults. Their first peek in a violent relationship can prompt them to continue the cycle.

Before this happens, and you and your kids become part of the statistics, do something about it.