Using Employment Mediation to Resolve Workplace Disputes

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Workplace DisputeDisagreements happen — in homes, on the street, and even in the workplace. When it comes to workplaces, there have been situations where employees with different needs and goals have come into conflict. So, what is a good solution to solve a conflict like this? The answer is employment mediation.

Employment Mediation: An Overview

Employment mediation is one of the most affordable, convenient, and efficient alternative dispute resolution methods to use in a workplace. Employers should highly consider it as the first step in solving workplace conflicts. In mediation, the disputing parties discuss the issue with the aim of getting the other party’s perspective of the issue. They then explore and discuss the best way to solve the matter in the presence of a neutral party known as the mediator. The disputing parties can rest assured knowing that they have a fair chance to air their concerns.

The Benefits of Employment Mediation

  • It is efficient. Unlike formal methods of resolving disputes, mediation does not take up so much time to resolve a dispute. This short period ensures that the employees will be able to move on and focus their time and attention on other important workplace tasks.
  • It is confidential. In the event that one files a lawsuit, it can hurt the company because it can affect their image. Dispute mediation, however, is confidential by contract and by nature. This will help keep workplace issues from ruining the image of the company.
  • It is cost-effective. The costs involved in employment mediation are a fraction of the legal fees one would pay to cover a typical litigation process. Thus, mediation helps companies save money.
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Mediation, over the years, has proven to be one of the most efficient ways to resolve disputes. Employers highly prefer this method as it offers a non-public forum for employees to solve their disagreements.