Drunk Driving: Is It Still a Problem for Teenagers?

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Drunk DrivingAlthough there have been fewer incidents of drinking and driving among teenagers in recent years, risky behavior among teenagers continues to be a major threat to their safety. In fact, 2.4 million teenagers still get behind the wheel every month after drinking.

The Risk of Driving Under the Influence

Experts caution drivers from drinking alcohol before and while they drive because it increases the chances of getting into a car crash by 21%. Young drivers (people under age 26) are most at risk of getting into a car accident for this reason. Even experienced drivers get into fatal car accidents because a few drinks are enough to distract a person’s ability to focus on the road.

Drunk Drivers Face Legal and Economic Issues

Addressing the problem of underage drinking can have a severe economic impact. The combined medical care and criminal justice costs reach about $27 billion. Young drivers have to deal with paying for damaged automobiles and property resulting from the crash, all without having a stable job yet. Furthermore, the accident can lead to a bad track record, making it difficult for them to enter college and find job opportunities.

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There have been lesser incidents of drunk driving among teenagers in recent years, but a majority of teenagers still practice reckless behavior before getting behind the wheel. People charged with driving under the influence can consult a DUI lawyer to learn more about the legal avenues available to them. The most responsible way to avoid an accident or conviction, though, is to avoid drinking and driving altogether.