Let Your Lawyer Help You Move Forward After Divorce

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Family LawyerIt’s understandable to feel down after you and your spouse decided to file for divorce. The emotions are still running high, and there are many considerations regarding your new arrangement and family dynamics. How often will your partner visit the kids? In the case of disputes and other issues after the divorce, what legal action can you take?

When a series of legal issues follow after your divorce, having your family lawyer on your side can help you move forward after the difficult process. But first, you have to let them do it.

Be a Good Client

When faced with a difficult separation, it’s easy to be an overly emotional or cranky client. You may not have listened to your lawyer’s advice and, as a result, regretted it after the proceedings. They told you not to call your ex’s new partner, and you did, impulsively. Or, you may have called your attorney too often without realising it. While it’s their job to understand, they’ll inevitably want to leave your business at that: the divorce is over, and so is their job.

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In case you still need them to help you with other legal matters, they may beg off because of your difficult track record. Be the client they’ll want to stay in touch with even after their job ends.

Don’t Forget to Pay Them

They’re professionals, and if you’re going to need their help after your divorce, you need to pay them for handling your separation first. Dealing with a divorce together may give you a sense that you’re friends with your attorney, and maybe you are. But that doesn’t mean they now work for free. You can’t expect to retain them and have them represent you on other legal matters if you run from your bills.

Work Towards a Good Divorce

You couldn’t have a good marriage, so try to strive for a good divorce. Make sure to follow up on your agreements, and keep your partner accountable for meeting their end of the deal. If you think your estranged spouse may be crossing some lines, call your lawyer and see what you can do about it.

A divorce can just be the beginning of other legal post-separation concerns. Let your lawyer help you move forward by choosing to move on and do well in your life.