Types of Lawsuits in Personal Injury Cases

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Scene inside courtroomAmong the most common lawsuits currently are personal injury lawsuits. Everyone injured following the negligence of someone else has every right to file a personal injury lawsuit. A favorable outcome will see the defendant pay the plaintiff a determined amount in compensation.

Filing a personal injury lawsuit does not, however, automatically mean you will get compensated. It is prudent to get a personal injury law firm to help you navigate the legal issues in your case and get you fair compensation. Legal experts from Feldman & Lee PS will tell you the same.

Here are the different lawsuits you can file in a personal injury case.

Single-Plaintiff Lawsuits

These lawsuits involve one plaintiff and a defendant. Single-plaintiff lawsuits are typically easy to settle through negotiation or arbitration, and hence the plaintiff recovers damages quickly.

These suits also depend on case facts instead of interpretations of various legal points. The most significant limitation in single-plaintiff lawsuits is the legal fees. Some lawyers, though, have a contingency fee agreement to help you counter this.

Class Action Lawsuits

Clients who have suffered an identical injury attributable to one defendant file these lawsuits. The quantity of plaintiffs in these cases is large enough such that it is impractical to try the cases separately.

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Most of the time, the defendant requests a class action lawsuit, and a “lead” plaintiff represents the other plaintiffs.

Mass Tort Lawsuits

These lawsuits are similar to class action lawsuits, but they do not include as many plaintiffs as the latter. Unlike class action cases, the plaintiffs request mass tort lawsuits to save on legal expenses. The primary disadvantage of this suit is that any adverse ruling affects all individual lawsuits.

Participating in one type of lawsuit automatically disables your ability to engage in another against the same defendant. Personal injury cases have distinct characteristics. It is hence essential to get a good personal injury attorney to advise you on the best type of lawsuit for your situation.