When the Greatest Man Turns Out to be the Worst Husband

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Terrible Husband in Colorado SpringsWhen you first married your husband, you had no regrets. He’s nice and responsible – the epitome of a good partner. As you stood in front of the altar, you had no doubts that this great man would definitely make a great husband.

Years later, you realize he isn’t.

That good man you dated and imagined a future with was just a thing of the past. Despite his loving kindness and years of trying, he did not live up to your expectations. Now, here you are, consulting a family lawyer in Colorado Springs.

When the Good Guy Becomes a Bad Husband

Sadly, a good man does not always equate to a good husband. In some cases, they end up being the unhappy married men who did not get what they want from the marriage.

Outside the relationship, some husbands are competent and powerful men. Their co-workers respect them; other people think they are witty, persuasive, and funny. They have different personalities when they are at home or out with their friends and colleagues.

Unfortunately, some men struggle with their relationship skills within their marriage. They might be good at relating with others, but with their wife, they fail miserably. They wonder why they cannot find happiness in the marriage, which results in their unpleasant attitude.

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Happy Man First, Happy Husband Second

A number of men are victims of heavy dependence on outside validation and happiness. Since they feed off the praise of others, they end up resenting their wives when they fail to do so. Some regard women, sex, and marriage as the ultimate validation of their happiness.

A great man becomes a terrible husband when he doesn’t know how to be happy by himself.

To make the marriage work, husbands should release those they hold accountable for their happiness; in this case, it’s the wife. Happy husbands are men who refrain from pressuring their spouses, choosing not to burden them with too much responsibility.

The reality that good men aren’t always good husbands is unfortunate, yet also a lesson. If you wish for a successful marriage, marry a man who knows how to be happy on his own.