Common Disputes That Could Arise with Contractual Jobs

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Employment AgreementContractual jobs are temporary job opportunities that are typically created to achieve particular business operations and objectives, like construction jobs, cleanup jobs after disasters, or seasonal marketing. In general, these jobs are filled by independent contractors or temp workers that are compensated with a predetermined amount either in regular installments or lump sum payments. This is why some companies work with legal mediators to help with employment. Once hired, these workers would then enter into a contract that’s specific to the job, instead of a standard employment contract.

The primary difference between contractual jobs and regular employment is the duration of employment. Specifically, when you’re a regular employee, your employment might continue for an indeterminate amount of time, while if you’re a contractor or temp worker, your job will end upon the completion of the project.

Contractual Employment Disputes

It’s very crucial that you understand the terms and conditions of your contract if you agree to take on a contractual job. Otherwise, you could face one of these common contractual employment issues:

  • Disputes regarding the quality of work and compensation.
  • Disagreements over who should control particular project aspects.
  • Issues regarding delegation and assignment of contract responsibilities to third parties.
  • Disagreements regarding employment benefits.
  • Who is responsible for legal liability in case of accidents or harm to the temp employee?
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Common remedies for these kinds of disputes usually include monetary compensation for losses that were a direct result of the dispute. This damage award could cover losses like missed payments or profit loss, as well as related costs. In some instances, the court might order parties involved to modify the contract to resolve unclear terms and conditions.

Contractual jobs are increasingly becoming common, particularly when the economy is down. Plenty of hardworking individuals look for contractual work to augment their income or because they couldn’t find a permanent job.

With this in mind, if you need help evaluating a contractual job offer or assistance in mediating a dispute with a contractual boss, consult a local employment attorney for advice.