Is it Possible to Have an Amicable Divorce?

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Divorce Process in AlbuquerqueWhile difficult divorces are more common, there are also cases that end in a cooperative manner. This is especially true for parties who are willing to work together to resolve all issues associated with marriage dissolution. This approach is also known as amicable divorce, which is the complete opposite of adversarial and conflict-based approach.

With amicable divorce, you can avoid the standard process. For couples divorcing in good terms, there is no need to have examination of evidences or cross-witness exam just to resolve disputes.

Working Together

If you and your spouse are willing to work with one another, this approach is right for you. This eliminates court intervention, as the parties can resolve disputes using different methods. These may include mediation, collaborative process, negotiation, or voluntary counseling. This approach may also help settle issues such as child custody, property distribution, spousal support, and others.

Mutual Agreement

Divorce attorneys in Albuquerque say the aim of this divorce is to come up with a mutual agreement through communication. It involves discussion of legal issues to come up with a solution that will benefit both parties. After reaching an agreement, a judge may approve them. In most cases, amicable divorces are uncontested cases in which parties do not have major legal issues about the process. While the approach may sound simple and stress-free, it is still beneficial to hire a lawyer.

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Not for Every Situation

Amicable divorce is only advisable for situations in which couples can work with each other. It will not work and is therefore not ideal for divorcing couples in bad terms or are unwilling to work together. A judge may also not allow this approach if the other spouse has put the other party’s safety at risk. If available, however, it is often recommended to avoid court intervention.

While the approach sounds ideal, it is not right for everyone. It is best to talk divorce attorney to help you with your case. The right lawyer can offer you legal advice and representation whenever needed, and guide through the entire divorce process.