3 Signs of Psychological Trauma from a Motorcycle Accident

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motorcycle accidentIt’s fortunate that you’ve managed to walk away from a motorcycle accident without any kind of major physical injury. However, you can still be injured in ways that could affect your daily work, personal, and social life. Wounds don’t always have to be visible, and mental or emotional trauma can cause you more pain and damage than you think. If you’re showing any of these signs, then you should get treatment at once.

1.Sudden Flashbacks

Horrifying nightmares during the night and unexpected memories taking over your day can both be emotionally and physically draining for any victim. And this can happen at the slightest trigger: discussing details of the incident with your motorcycle accident lawyer in Oklahoma, any mention of the incident or even a video online or on TV, for instance. The reactions to such triggers can be as small as abrupt conversational pauses or as full-blown as public outbursts.

2.Lack of Enthusiasm

This can manifest as fatigue, boredom, loss of energy and even forgetfulness. What you usually enjoy, like your current career, a hobby and the company of your loved ones would suddenly be too taxing for you to handle. And this sudden mood swing could happen out of nowhere, which can deeply affect your everyday performance and productivity at work and at home.

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3.Bodily Manifestations

Emotional trauma from auto accidents can also cause migraines, loss of appetite, ghost pains, involuntary muscle movements, abdominal disorders and other physical symptoms. And, as long as the psychological damage remains unresolved, the victim will continue to suffer different kinds of sicknesses and ailments that are not easily fixed by medical treatments.

The effects of emotional or mental trauma on one’s mind and body can result in lasting negative effects on one’s mental and physical health. This gives you more reason to avoid holding off your treatments. After all, you would not put off getting your body fixed after a motorcycle accident. The same should be said about your emotions and psyche.