4 Ways to Solve Disputes at Work

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two employees having disputeOne of the challenges business leaders and owners face is how to best handle workplace conflicts. While there’s no way to eradicate the possibility of conflict at the workplace completely, there are many smart ways to keep the disagreement from getting worse and denting relationships. Here are a few suggestions:


For a very long time, arbitration has been the preferred choice of conflict resolution in many organizations. That’s because this method offers a fast, affordable way to solve a conflict as compared to litigation. Littleton Alternative Dispute Resolution, Inc. notes union arbitration cases, in particular, take a relatively shorter time as compared with seeing the matter through court. The arbitrator, typically a neutral third party, listens to the argument from both sides and offers a decision based on evidence.


In mediation, both parties voluntarily choose to pursue a resolution informally. Like in arbitration, an impartial third party works with each party towards open communication and a mutually acceptable solution to the conflict. However, the solution agreed upon does not impose any legal obligation on either party.


Negotiation is a smart way to handle conflicts between your staff in-house. As you don’t want for a destructive rift to occur between two otherwise valuable employees, you tactfully act as a go-between to explore different solutions to the problem. Then you opt for the solution that is agreeable to both parties.

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Disciplinary action

Sometimes, the only way to end a conflict is by taking disciplinary action. For instance, you may need to dismiss a worker who will not stop causing workplace disagreements even after issuing warnings to them. At times, a verbal reprimand or a short time off will do just fine.

Conflicts can prove divisive and may hurt your business unless you take appropriate action. Based on the size and nature of the conflict, decide the best way to find a quick solution, so productivity does not suffer.