The 6-Step Guide to the Conveyancing Process

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Couple buying a homeThe conveyancing process involves transferring the seller’s property and ownership to a confirmed buyer. Understanding the whole procedure can be very difficult, more so if you are trying to comprehend how to calculate fees for house conveyancing.

But fret no more. We will be discussing the six steps to the conveyancing process using terms one can comprehend easily.

Step One: Choosing a Solicitor

You can do this by either looking for a certified and trusted website online, or by hiring a local solicitor who knows your area pretty well. Fees may apply, as you will require the solicitor’s services.

Step Two: The Paperwork

You will then get your bill, so to speak, or fees you have to pay. You can ask your solicitor questions, and you should not be hesitant to do so. Also, remember to ask for copies of every document you will be signing, as well as receipts of the required charges.

Step Three: Studying the Documents

Make sure to review every word written on the documents before signing and ask questions if you need to clarify some things. Some of the documents you should ask for are the standard condition report, Homebuyer’s report, building survey, local authority searches and many more. 

Step Four: The Mortgage

Unless you are shelling out the exact amount out of your pockets, you have to give a deposit and pay a mortgage. You should present a valuation to your conveyancer, which they will check later.

Step Five: Contract Signing

If you have gone through the documents and signed them, you can now proceed with the contract signing. You may be asked to transfer the deposit to your conveyancer’s account before signing the agreement.

Step Six: The Handshake

This is the last and final step of the conveyancing process. This will confirm the deal. Your keys will then be ready for pickup at the estate agent after a while.

Buying a new property is exciting. But you need to protect your interest in every step of the process. Make sure you do everything to avoid any inconvenience along the way.