The Psychology of Mining and a Note for Mine Managers

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MiningThe mining sector is, unfortunately, not one of the safest industries. In fact, approaching and implementing workplace safety in the mining sites remains a very difficult challenge. This is evident in a company’s injuries and fatalities statistics — the less the better.

Not to say that the efforts of mine managers on improving safe mining are insignificant, but despite safety reaching new heights, fatalities still continue to be recorded across the mining sector.

Fatalities, Claims and their Termination Dates

Queensland is one of the top mining jurisdictions in the world and just recorded its worst year for mine fatalities in two decades. Coupled with the alarm that comes with this statistic is awareness of rights for compensation and personal injury claims.

Separovic Injury Lawyers, along with other law firms specialising in worker compensations, wish to highlight the 12-month legal time limit known as a “termination date”, as it can have serious consequences on the potential value of a victim’s claim.

If a victim misses the termination date, their right to bring a common law damage claim against their employer might be abolished. It’s paramount and strongly recommended for employees and employers alike to seek legal advice to understand better the concept of a termination date.

A Different Approach to Management and Safety

Apart from the legal aspects of workplace accident and mining safety, the company’s approach to safety is also in need of an overhaul. Providers of competency-based training solutions for mining industries says, “The better we become with managing safety, the worse we become in leading the culture of safety.”

In fact, authorities fear that too much time and resources spent on small injuries introduces damaging fear. It gives your employees comfort when failure occurs, when you should be giving them support when they fail.

There are different ways to respond to risks. Look at your employees as incredibly capable entities. Treat them as stupid when it comes to safety and they fall into the trap of believing they actually are. But when you believe in them and inspire them, you’re going to achieve very different results.