Top 3 Things Lawyers Wished You Knew About Personal Injury Claims

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Male bandaging his armIf you were injured due to the neglect of another party, you would want to protect your rights. One way is by filing a personal injury claim with the local courts. Sometimes, however, the whole process is a nightmare, especially when you aren’t familiar with the legal process.

Arm yourself with knowledge. Here are basic facts you need to know about filing a personal injury claim.

1. Compensation is not guaranteed

Remember, an injury claim is made when the negligence of a third party causes the accident — you have to prove that someone else was at fault. Sometimes, it may not be possible to judge who was at fault between the two legally. If both parties had a hand in the situation, then you can go ahead with the claim case, but only with the guidance of an experienced advocate.

2. There are time limits for filing a claim

Just like all other claims, personal injury claims are subject to time limits. Remember, this timeline varies from one state to another. Therefore, it’s essential that you file your case as early as possible. Also, involve the best attorneys around for legal advice.

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3. It’s more than just the physical

When the phrase personal injury is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind involves bodily injuries. But with proper guidance of personal injury attorneys in New York or elsewhere, you can still file a claim if you feel the other party caused you mental instability. Personal injury covers psychological disturbance besides physical injuries. Some of them may include emotional stress, memory loss, depression, and insomnia.

Laws regarding personal injury claims vary from one state to another. Law firms are also different concerning expertise. However, the above tips remain constant and are applicable everywhere regardless of the differences in laws and law firms’ practices.