What to Do when You’re Involved in a Car Accident

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a woman calling her lawyer and insurance provider after a car collision

Road accidents happen more often than anyone would think. There are infinite circumstances that could lead to an accident. Some of them could be your fault, while others could be because of the other driver. There are also accidents that are beyond anyone’s control.

If you’ve been involved in an auto accident in Macon, keep calm and do the following:

Call an Attorney

Whether or not the accident is your fault, you need an auto accident attorney at the Law Office of Paul R. Bennett to respond to the other party’s statement on your behalf. It’s better to be prepared with your own recollection of the story, and an attorney can help you not implicate yourself, especially falsely. Macon, GA has a lot of reputable lawyers, you should have someone you can trust for situations like this.

Survey the Scene

Though you’re discouraged from touching anything and changing the scene of the accident, you can look around to see what has happened. For instance, if there’s a construction nearby that may have caused the accident, you can take pictures of the offending equipment or vehicle. Look at your car’s position, as well. Some people may be unaware that they had hit something, especially when driving in the dark, but a quick inspection of the vehicle can reveal some evidence of the collision.

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Call Your Insurance Company

Your insurance company will want to know about the accident as soon as possible; delaying their involvement may only make them suspicious of your intentions. They may also want to conduct their own investigation, so it’s important that they know what has happened and see the scene before it’s been tampered with. For posterity’s sake, take photos and statements to support your claim.

Macon is just like any other place in the United States. If you’re not careful, you’ll encounter road problems. Know how to deal with this kind of situation.