Who Needs a Paralegal?

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Close up of several volumes of law booksThe role of the paralegal has drastically changed over the years. It’s now become a more integral part of the legal team, whether that’s in a firm or in a large corporation. Even smaller firms benefit from having several paralegals on board.

Paralegals have proven to be beneficial to the following entities:

Law Firms

A law firm does not consist entirely of lawyers. They also need a secretary to handle administrative tasks, and legal aid to assist with each case. An individual who graduated from a paralegal school like The Center For Legal Studies can come in handy in a certain case. Though they are not as seasoned with the law as registered lawyers are, they have studied common law and other facets that make them a bank of knowledge when resolving a difficult matter. Paralegals also take care of the filing of certain paperwork, making the task of closing a case easy for the entire team.


Though you may have a lawyer or a firm on retainer, having an in-house paralegal expedites legal matters. There are some instances when you need to hasten the closing of a deal. A paralegal can look through the document to see that each clause is sound and that there are no misspellings or other common errors that will undermine the validity of the deal. The paralegal can also update the legal team, as well as get updates from them when it comes to sensitive matters. Corporations find a paralegal handy in keeping them up to date with what law firms need them to do or accomplish.

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There is no job shortage for paralegals in this current landscape. If you specialize in a certain area of law, you can also get better chances at a job in that field. Paralegals are indeed handy parts of a legal team, and they deserve to be thanked for it.