Why a Good Divorce Lawyer is Essential

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A Divorce LawyerFinding the right lawyer to fight for your case is imperative in a divorce. A good attorney in Castle Rock can dictate the course of a case from start to finish; whether it means getting a good settlement, child custody and support and the time it takes to go your way.

There have been many instances in which people switch lawyers mid-way through the process, even though this is detrimental to their cause. Here are some tips to help a person who wants a divorce to find the right lawyer.

Deciding on whether a divorce is likely: This is the first indicator that you have, and the next step is to look for a lawyer. The general recommendation is to talk to two or three lawyers and then decide which one you are most comfortable with.

It is always good to be prepared for the eventuality and not be surprised when you are served with the papers. Get your own divorce attorney in Castle Rock or elsewhere – having the same lawyer defend both parties causes a conflict of interest.

  • Getting referrals: Of course, the Internet is a good source of information about everything under the sun including divorce attorneys.  When it concerns a life-altering circumstance, get references from friends and family and hire the best lawyer as this will prove to be more effective.
  • Get a specialist: There are a quite a few lawyers who specialize in family law and also handle divorce cases. Talk to one or two and find out whether you get the same information and are comfortable with them.  Get a divorce lawyer who has extensive experience and gives you the confidence that your case will be handled well.
  • Ask questions: At the first meeting, make a list of questions that includes items such as how long they have practiced, what their approach to a case is, what percentage do they settle, retainer fees and whether the remaining amount is refundable, to name a few.  After the consultation, see how comfortable you are and then pick a lawyer to defend you.
  • Trust your instincts: This is the most important thing to do – if you are not comfortable, don’t hire a lawyer because it could be the wrong decision.
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Divorce is not an easy decision, and the process can be painful. Once the divorce decision is made, its best to have a well-experienced lawyer fighting your case to ensure you don’t get a raw deal.