2 Ways A DUI Conviction Can Change Your Life

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DUI Law book on top of a tableDriving under the influence of alcohol or other substances is a severe traffic offense the can turn your life upside down, making it an absolute necessity to seek out legal guidance from a skilled lawyer.

After a long day at work, the temptation to join your friend for a drink may sound like a splendid idea. You get to unwind as you tell a host of jokes to take the edge off your day before heading home. It is an excellent way to unwind, catch up with your friends and probably gain insights into a pressing problem at work. If you do it right, it is harmless and will not lead you to trouble. However, if you overindulge, you are headed for trouble that can haunt you for a long time.

Run afoul of the law

As your friends regale you with their workplace antics and adventure, you are likely to indulge a tad more than usual. You might lose count of your drinks and soar above the legally allowed levels. If that happens, you should not, under any circumstance attempt to drive home. Rather, you should call for a cab to drop you home. You may have some difficulties getting to work in the morning, but you will be safe.

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Dimmed career prospects

In addition to paying through your nose, you also have to take days off work. A DUI offense calls for various court appearances, making it a double-edged sword. In some instances, the ruling might include going back to a traffic school or attending substance abuse education. Such occurrences might lead you to spend a lot of time away from work and could lead you to incur the wrath of your bosses. In addition to the hefty fine, you stand a risk of spending up to a year in jail. The severity of the sentence could increase if you were involved in a traffic accident while under the influence.

The state of Illinois is particularly strict about cracking down of DUI related incident. If you happen to be involved in one, retaining the services of a reputable Springfield IL auto accident lawyer gives you a fighting chance.