Categories of Damages in Domestic Violence Lawsuits

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Woman covering her face in fear of violenceAccording to recent statistics, approximately 25% of Australian couples have experienced some form of domestic violence in their relationship. There have been inroads in domestic violence law to bring its perpetrators to justice. Domestic violence victims can now get a reprieve under tort law.

As a victim of any form of domestic violence in Charters Towers, get family lawyers to help you sufficiently establish your case and get compensated. If your lawsuit is successful, there are different damages the court may award you. Here are some of them.

Nominal Damages

These are awarded if you can prove there was some form of assault by the defendant though you have no physical proof of harm. You must show that you suffered emotional injury even if there might not have been a physical assault. Although nominal damages are generally small, they will still fulfil an essential justice for you.

Compensatory Damages

In domestic violence cases, there exist two forms of compensatory damages designed to pay for the harm and expense of your assault. The general damages are intended to alleviate your emotional pain, and the jury determines its amount. The special damages reimburse you of specific expenses you have incurred following an assault. These comprise lost earnings and medical expenses among others you might request so long as you have proof.

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Punitive Damages

Some states will award punitive damages in domestic violence case if you prove that the assault was intentional and malicious. These damages are designed to punish the perpetrator and discourage him/her from similar conduct in future. The jury determines your punitive damages’ amount.

Most people in abusive relationships do not seek the above damages because they have no money for a family lawyer. This should not impede since the court can order the plaintiff to settle your attorney’s fee. Moreover, some firms have a contingency fee arrangement meaning they will settle their payment from the compensation you get.