Legal Guidance for Truck Drivers

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Truck driving on a sunsetThe demand for truck drivers is still on the rise. In fact, America is facing a massive shortage of truck drivers for many different reasons. These include lifestyle adjustment, health concerns, and abusive employers.

While the job posting ads may seem promising at first, it is imperative to know your rights as an employee. Fortunately, there are truck labor attorneys in Washington who are willing to help you.

It’s Not an Easy Job

One of the biggest challenges for truck drivers is the workload and schedule shifts they need to go through every day. Some companies even demand them to work overtime without giving a heads up. Imagine driving big carriers for 18 hours back and forth. Others are even saying they don’t have time to shower or spend time with their families.

Breach of Contract

As mentioned earlier, there are hundreds of promising job opportunities online. Usually, they will discuss your fixed schedule, salary increase, bonuses, overtime pay (compulsory), and many more. However, there are many cases where truck drivers were not compensated for overtime work. Just recently, Senator Bernie Sanders has shown his support for truck drivers by exposing some of the problems with abusive employers.

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In addition, it’s important to review all the documents you need to sign. Don’t hesitate to raise your concerns to the recruitment officer. If you see any questionable items in your contract, do not sign it.

Consult a Legal Professional

If you think your employer is violating your rights, consult a lawyer right away. Whether it’s a breach of contract, coercion, or unfair dismissal, there are law firms that can help you file a complaint and get what you deserve. If possible, bring documents or records that can help you with your case.

As a law-abiding citizen, you have all the rights to defend yourself. Don’t let anyone abuse or exploit you. Stand your ground and fight for your rights; it’s best to do it with an experienced attorney by your side.