Product Liability: Can You Sue for Injuries Caused by Faulty Products?

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Top view of injured ankleBusinesses use stringent quality control measures to ensure that a defective product never leaves the conveyor belt. Companies even employ Six Sigma experts to reduce the frequency of flawed items going into the market. But despite such efforts, defective products still reach consumers.

Lapses in Product Safety

The National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS) asserts that there are approximately 400,000 product-related injury reports annually. These incidences show that defective products are not poor investments, but also dangerous. This is where product liability comes in.

According to, there are two ways you can initiate a product liability lawsuit. The first is when a product malfunctions and causes an injury. The second is when an inherently dangerous product lacks adequate warning or instructions.

Understanding Product Liability

The law requires manufacturers to meet standards and the expectations of consumers. When businesses can’t meet those standards and expectations, they become liable for damages. Aside from the manufacturers, other responsible parties may include the:

  1. Retailer
  2. Distributor

All the parties above are defendants in the case. Meanwhile, There are three product defects that you can cite:

  1. Design Defects – apparent lapses in design
  2. Manufacturing Defects – when a flaw in production occurs
  3. Marketing Defects – these are clear in false or inadequate advertising. Improper labeling, instructions, and lack of warnings
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You can make a product liability claim when your case meets the following elements. In addition to proving that the product you purchased was defective, you also need to show that you suffered an injury or monetary loss from using the product; that you used the product as intended, and that the product was the source of your injury. A lawyer with experience in this particular type of case will be able to help you make your case and help you receive the compensation you deserve.