Strict Implementation of Traffic Rules: The Straightforward Solution to Road Accidents

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Car accidentRoad safety is a primary concern for drivers. How they drive greatly affects not only them but also the general public. Indeed, accidents can happen due to other factors other than the driver. However, being careful can lessen the statistics of road accidents.

Ranked the worst in driving and car accidents in the US are California, Minnesota, and Utah, respectively. This might be opportunities for car accident or personal injury attorneys, but it is a danger to most citizens, notes

Numbers show that these three states have been in the top 10 of reckless and unsafe driving category for years.

By the Numbers

In the US, the statistics for car accidents has been on a steady uproar, raking up to over 40,000 instances yearly. For the past several years, this has been a major concern for state officials who worry that drivers in their state are not skilled enough to drive.

Deeming this a crisis, authorities in the country are considering the factors that lead to these crashes. Use of mobile phones, not using the seat belts, and driving under the influence are the usual causes.

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Lawmakers are now considering removing the human element from driving by using self-driving vehicles. However, this solution might be far into the future.

Conscious Efforts

While the idea of robots driving cars sounds like an accident-free solution, this will not address the problem of increasing deaths due to car accidents in the whole of the US. A conscious effort to educate drivers and to provide stricter penalties should be made now to address these issues.

The general public is continually endangered by drivers who cannot be conscious about their environment and surroundings. Driving is a privilege, and it carries a responsibility to keep the general public safe from harm’s way.