Don’t Be a Victim: Stop Bullying in the Workplace Now

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Stop Workplace Bullying in NZIf you feel that you’re being bullied in your workplace, you don’t have to ignore or tolerate it — you should deal with it as soon as possible before it gets out of hand. Below are some steps you could take to take charge of the situation:

  • Do not feel undermined and lash out. Remain productive, even if your boss is the one bullying you because this will only justify their behaviour. Don’t show them that it’s affecting you since in many cases, that’s what a bully wants to see.
  • Seek support from friends, co-workers, or family so they’ll know what’s happening and offer your advice.
  • Keep in mind that it’s not your fault. Remain confident in your abilities and remember that a bully’s behaviour is often due to their own incompetence and insecurities that they’re projecting on you.
  • Document relevant information. Keep a log of specific places, times, dates and witnesses of bullying incidents. Document what the bully said or did, how you felt and responded and what witnesses (if applicable) did or said. This information will aid you in deciding how to deal with future incidents, what you should do next, reveal the behaviours of the bully and could even serve as legal evidence.
  • Depending on how extensive and severe the bullying incidents are, you have several options once you decide to address the situation. For example, you could talk to your manager or boss as long as these are in line with your company’s procedures regarding bullying. Keep in mind that under the employment law of NZ, it’s your employer’s responsibility to ensure your safety in the workplace. In the event that you employer won’t help you out or disregards the matter, contact organisations that specialise in dealing with employment issues.
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Above all, don’t let the bullying get the better of you. Stay healthy and positive so that you’ll have ample energy to deal with the stress at work. It’s likewise vital to note that some people actually experience anxiety and depression, coupled with suicidal thoughts when they’re bullied, regardless of the setting.

If you feel that you’re one of these people, it’s best to get professional counselling and deal with the bullying issue sooner rather than later.