Ready to Write Your Will? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

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A living will document with pen and attorney name plateLet’s face it, drafting your will is not a pleasant task. In any case, doing so would mean that you’re accepting your unavoidable demise, but keenly preparing for it. This is the reason why plenty of adults in Queensland tend to avoid drafting wills and estates.

It doesn’t matter how touchy this subject is because it’s an essential responsibility that you have to face for your loved ones.

First things first, what happens if you pass without a will?

All of your belongings will be intestate if you pass without any valid will. This means that the laws will be in charge of settling your estate and deciding who will inherit what. Meanwhile, probate is the legal procedure of transferring your property to your legal heirs.

A judge will then assign an administrator because you weren’t able to name an executor. This person will also be named if your will is invalid. You see, your will must pass particular standards, like having a witness to be valid legally.

Should you hire a lawyer to help you with your will?

You’re technically not mandated to get legal services to help you draft your will. With that said, it’s best to get their professional advice, particularly on estate-planning tactics, including living trusts. If your will does pass all the legal demands of your state, then whatever you come up with is valid whether or not a lawyer helped you out.

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How exactly do you leave particular items to specific heirs?

If you want to be specific about the property or belongings you’re leaving to someone in your family, then you’d have to indicate it. Additionally, you also have to draft a separate paper called a letter of instruction that is an informal letter your lawyer will provide to that particular person.

As soon as you finish writing your will, you will feel more peaceful knowing that your worldly possessions will be in the right hands. It’s time for you to stop dodging the inevitable and start writing your wishes on paper before it’s too late.